A wireless temperature monitoring system is something that should be maintained properly in order to ensure the maximum benefits and return on investment.  Isatec Ltd offers a complete servicing and support framework, offering the following support services:


Isatec has a first class reputation for customer service and support. We are happy to assist you with any problems you may have with your environmental monitoring systems, and through our partner networks can usually find a way to help you.

We can also offer service contracts for IMC and Tektroniks systems.


Isatec offers both in-house and on-site calibration services. Calibration Details >>

Battery Change

Isatec will continue to support battery changes for IceSpy RL System units where possible.  As System5 sensors require battery changes, these will be replaced by the manufacturer with Notion Pro legacy sensors. CHECKKKKK


Often, new quality managers inherit an old system which they have little knowledge about. Isatec can arrange for an on-site health check and training session. Contact us for details.


IceSpy RL and System5 have been superseded by the new Notion Pro. We can upgrade your entire system, or just the base unit, so that you can take advantage of the improved features that Notion Pro has to offer. Contact us for more information.