Sensilla is a web-based data management system, designed to measure, monitor and manage your temperature data.

Collecting data from multiple temperature sensors and other inputs, Sensilla presents critical information to you in a simple to understand manner, using your PC, Tablet, or Smartphone!

How Sensilla works

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Sensilla comprises both hardware and web-based software, and is offered as a fully installed monitoring system. Please see below for key features!

Live Temperature Analytics

Sophisticated charting tools mean that data from Sensilla sensors can easily be analysed and action can be taken.

Add as many users as you want; totally web-based software means you aren’t restricted to one computer!

Multiple Hardware Options

Sensilla is compatible with a variety of hardware, including the DataAngel, DataCentre and the older system IceSpy System5.  If you have an existing system we may even be able to integrate with it!

Sensor options include Temperature, Humidity, Door Sensors, Plant Trip, PT100, 4-20mA and many more!

True Multisite

Sensilla has been designed with multiple site organisations in mind, once you have Sensilla in two or more locations, you can access data from either!

Ideal for NHS Trusts or multi-site distributors!

Flexible Alarm Options

Base station can send alarms, or connected to a PC receive email or SMS alarms even when out of the office.

With a BMS card you can even connect to your building management system or have the base station automatically call members of staff when there’s a problem.

Restrict alarms to certain times of day or days of week.

Reporting Made Easy!

When used as part of GMP and with the relevant due diligence, IceSpy System5 can assist in legislative and regulatory compliance:

  • FDA 21CFR Part 11
  • MHRA Standards
  • ISO9001/2000
  • Human Tissue Regulations
  • BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 5/6