We select products that provide you with a simple solution to each of your requirements

At Isatec Ltd we know it is rare that two companies will have the same temperature monitoring requirements.  For that reason we have chosen a range of products that will meet each of your requirements.

Wireless Monitoring Products

Continuous Temperature Monitoring

Hanwell Pro

Hanwell 4000 Sensors

Fully validatable wireless environmental monitoring specifically designed for critical areas to meet strict GDP and GMP quality assurance regulations. Compliant to FDA 21 CFRpt11 and MHRA

Hanwell IceSpy

Notion Pro

The IceSpy brand is well-established throughout the cold-supply chain for providing cost-effective solutions to wireless monitoring within fridges, freezers, and heated and dry storage facilities.



The D3 is the latest in a series of wireless temperature monitoring systems. Can be used as either a stand alone or web based solution. The touch screen and alarm functions ensures it to adhere to HACCP, BRC and MHRA requirements

Self Install Products

Low Cost Systems

Hanwell Lite

Notion Lite Kit

The Hanwell Lite System is a self install cloud based  temperature monitoring system. Available in a kit and ideal for retail application who need to adhere to HACCP and BRC requirements

EasyLog Wi-Fi Sensors


The EasyLog WiFi Sensor range is designed for customers who would like a self install cloud capable sensor with a screen. Available in various models to meet your requirements, ideal for HACCP and BRC applications.

LogTag Data Loggers

The Worlds Favourite Temperature & Humidity Dataloggers

LogTag Dataloggers


LogTag Recorders comprehensive range of temperature and humidity dataloggers provide you with an excellent choice to satisfy each of your requirements. When calibrated these are ideal for HACCP , BRC and MHRA applications.


Simple Web Based Data Management System



Sensilla.net is Isatec Ltd data management system. Designed to manage all your facilities and temperature monitoring systems in one place. Provides you fast reporting, alarm notification and system visualisation. Integrates with IceSpy and D3 wireless systems

Mapping Kits

Temperature & Humidity Available

Mapping Kits

Mapping Kits can be sold in an array of sizes, whether you have a warehouse or a blood fridge. Ideal if you are looking to make your own temperature studies for the MHRA.