It is rare that two companies will have the same temperature monitoring requirements.  For that reason Isatec Ltd has a range of products that will suit a multitude of needs.

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Systems

Hanwell Synergy

The 4000T series of temperature data loggers and radio transmitters units are well established as the most flexible units on the market today. Each unit has been designed to be compatible with a wide range of temperature probes to provide accurate and reliable measurement specifically selected for the user’s requirements.

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Networked Continuous Monitoring Systems

Notion Pro

Superseding and replacing IceSpy System5, Notion Pro delivers a totally reliable and flexible wireless monitoring system incorporating technological breakthroughs in environmental monitoring.

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Sensilla DataAngel makes it incredibly simple to take regular readings of temperature conditions across refrigerated, frozen and ambient conditions. With a variety of sensor types, Sensilla DataAngel allows for straightforward and reliable temperature monitoring.

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Built to meet all the challenges of a modern monitoring system. A robust, reliable and accurate monitoring system.  Holds up to 120 hard wired temperature sensors.

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Low Cost Systems

Notion Lite

The IceSpy Notion Lite system is the ideal temperature monitoring solution.  This easy-to-use system provides users with immediate access to real-time data and alarms, with audit ready reports available at the click of a button.

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WiFi Temperature Sensors

WiFi Sensor systems stream Temperature Monitoring data wirelessly over your WiFi connection and can be viewed from a PC or through the WiFi sensor cloud.

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Older IceSpy Systems

IceSpy System5

IceSpy System5 has now been superseded by IceSpy Notion Pro.

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IceSpy RL

IceSpy RL has now been superseded by IceSpy Notion Pro

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LogTag Data Loggers / Temperature Recorders

Low cost temperature loggers, ideal for shipment temperature tracking

Temperature Logger TRIX-8

TRIX-8 is simple to configure, and once up and running can store up to 8000 timestamped temperature recordings.

USB Temperature Logger UTRIX-16

The LogTag® UTRIX-16 satisfies the growing need for a cost effective and reliable multi-trip temperature recorder. It requires no special hardware or proprietary software to access the recorded data and can generate a fully detailed PDF report.

Temperature Logger TREX-8

Similar to the TRIX-8 in terms of operation, but uses external probes in order to allow the user to get a product temperature reading.

Temperature & Humidity Logger HAXO-8

Temperature & Humidity Logger – can record up to 8000 timestamped recordings.

Temperature Logger TRID-30

Provides up-to 30 days worth of simple data review via in the built in screen – Ideal for long journey records.

Single-Use USB PDF Temperature Recorder USRIC-8

The LogTag® USRIC-8 Single-use USB PDF Temperature Recorder measures and stores up to 8,000 real time temperature readings.

Sensilla is a web-based data management system, designed to measure, monitor and manage your temperature data.

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Mapping Kits

Mapping Kits

The Mapping Kits have been packaged to provide you with a cost effective solution that meets MHRA requirements for Thermally Validating or Temperature Mapping your warehouse or storage area.

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