• Temperature measurements and door alarms

  • Wireless real-time data collection and alerts 24/7

  • Intuitive cloud-based software with instant audit ready reports

The IceSpy Notion Lite system is the ideal temperature monitoring solution for retail food outlets, retail pharmacy, and medical clinics.  This easy-to-use system provides users with immediate access to real-time data and alarms, with audit ready reports available at the click of a button.

The accompanying temperature sensors measure -30°C to +50°C (-40°C to +70°C with external probe) and have been specifically designed for use across all retail fridges, freezers and chillers.

Additional sensor options combine temperature with door monitoring and event alarms. Damping blocks are also available to control the sensor response rate as required for example in food core temperature monitoring.

Starting price is £495, includes base station and 3 sensors.


• Assists with national regulatory requirements such as HACCP
• Improve product quality and reduce product waste
• Reduce errors resulting from manual checks
• Eliminate time spent taking manual readings
• Alleviate audit stress with easy to 
access historical reports
• No software or computer hardware to maintain!

Features & Applications

• System obtains data from up to 10 transmitters
• Temperature and door alarm options available
• Connects to local router, no IT intervention normally required
• User replaceable battery in all transmitters
• Wall mounted bracket incorporated into case designs
• Hosted cloud-based software
• User friendly installation and software
• Complies with RoHS and WEEE EU directives
• Carries CE Marking
• Complies with BS EN 12830

• Butchers
• Bakers
• Cafes and canteens
• Restaurants
• Retail chains
• Fishmongers
• High street pharmacies
• Doctors surgeries
• Hospital ward drug storage
• Veterinary surgeries

When used as part of GMP and with the relevant due diligence, IceSpy System5 can assist in legislative and regulatory compliance:

  • FDA 21CFR Part 11
  • MHRA Standards
  • ISO9001/2000
  • Human Tissue Regulations
  • BRC Global Standard Food Safety Issue 5/6