Isatec provides a variety of temperature monitoring systems, always choosing the right product for your specific monitoring requirement.

Below you will find information relating to the different systems on offer.


Sensilla is an integrated solution that measures, monitors and manages your temperature needs. Using Sensilla, reports for HACCP or BRC requirements can be produced in a fraction of the time it takes to do things manually!

Sensilla is fully compatible with IceSpy hardware, in addition to its own sensors, either wireless or wired!

IceSpy System 5

Over 12 years of knowledge, experience and expertise of wireless monitoring has been invested in System5 giving you the confidence of installing a system that will meet your every need. IceSpy products have built in monitoring for temperature, humidity and door events. With System5 you can add sensors to monitor many other parameters such as gases, flow rates, pressure or pH levels.

IceSpy RL

The RL system is the original IceSpy wireless recording system. Many of the functions and components of RL have been improved with System5, but RL systems and components are well proven and are still available.

It can also be possible in many cases to upgrade an RL system to IceSpy System5 for a fraction on the cost of a new monitoring system.

WiFi Sensors

WiFi Sensor systems stream Temperature Monitoring data wirelessly over your WiFi connection and can be viewed from a PC or through the WiFi sensor cloud.

The range spans the WiFi-T, TH, TP, TC and the Alert. Each system has it’s own certain features which allow you to pick the product that best suits your needs.


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