Mapping Kits

  • Dataloggers

    LogTag TRIX-8 and TREX-8 kits available

  • Calibration

    A Calibration Certificate for each datalogger traceable to a national standard

  • Software

    Free, simple to configure and use

  • User guide and Sample Report

    Logtag quick user guide and sample mapping report

The Mapping Kits have been packaged to provide you with a cost effective solution that meets MHRA requirements for Thermally Validating or Temperature Mapping your warehouse or storage area.

The dataloggers provided are multi-use and each have calibration certificates traceable to national standard and valid for a year.

Product Variations

Small Fridge Mapping Kit 3 x Dataloggers + 3 x Certificates + Software £138.00
Large Fridge Mapping Kit 10 x Dataloggers + 10 x Certificates + Software £401.00
Warehouse Mapping Kit 10 10 x Dataloggers + 10 x Certificates + Software £401.00
Warehouse Mapping Kit 15 15 x Dataloggers + 15 x Certificates + Software £586.00
Warehouse Mapping Kit 20 20 x Dataloggers + 20 x Certificates + Software £772.00
Warehouse Mapping Kit 30 30 x Dataloggers + 30 x Certificates + Software £1,116.00

What areas can be temperature mapped?

          Cold Stores
          Stability Cabinets
          …or where any temperature sensitive products are stored

What is the objective of a mapping report?

          Identify Hot and Cold Spots
          Reveal ChillingHeating system perfomance
          The effects of door openings
          The effects of stock levels
          Presence of personnel
          Temperature set point recovery time

What do I need to record to create a good report?

        Temperature at appropriate frequency for equipment
        Date and time
        Serial number of datalogger
        Location reference
        Stock levels and product type
        Door events
        External environment conditions