Temperature Logger (TRIX-8)

LogTag TRIX-8

TRIX-8 is simple to configure, and once up and running can store up to 8000 timestamped temperature recordings.

USB Temperature Logger (UTRIX-16)

The LogTag® UTRIX-16 satisfies the growing need for a cost effective and reliable multi-trip temperature recorder. It requires no special hardware or proprietary software to access the recorded data and can generate a fully detailed PDF report.

Temperature Logger with External Probe (TREX-8)

Ideal for situations where the TRIX-8 cannot be used, the TREX-8 uses external probes instead of an internal sensor.  These external probes are purchased separately from Isatec Ltd.

Humidity & Temperature Logger (HAXO-8)


The LogTag HAXO-8 Humidity & Temperature Data Recorder combines the leading edge features of the LogTag temperature Recorder with a highly reliable solid state humidity sensor means the LogTag HAXO-8 is a leader in it’s class.

Single-Use USB PDF Temperature Recorder (USRIC-8)

Designed as a single-use, cost-effective & reliable temperature recorder, the LogTag® USRIC-8 – enclosed in a rigid polycarbonate case – automatically generates a fully detailed PDF report and provides the option to download the data using free available LogTag® Analyzer software.

Temperature Logger with Display (TRID-30)

All the features of the industry renowned TRIX, with the added benefit of a day Alarm Summary – Displays alarms in a calender format, for the last 30 days, all on integrated screen

USB Logging Station

LogTag’s unique interface cradle design provides rapid and reliable LogTag data transfer to LogTag Analyzer software in only a few seconds. (by far the fastest in its class in the market)

LogTag Wall Mounting Bracket

The LogTag Wall Mount Bracket provides an easy and tidy solution to mounting a LogTag on a wall, door or vertical surface while still allowing easy removal of the LogTag for download.

LogTag Protective Enclosure

The LogTag Protective Enclosure is specifically designed for use with LogTag recorder products and allows LogTags to be used in harsh environments. The design of the enclosure minimises the effects of thermal lag caused by the additional casing.