About Isatec Ltd

Isatec Ltd has excelled in supplying measurement and control solutions since it’s formation in 1996. Originally supplying high speed data collection systems in to process and packaging machinery, we have more recently been applying our experience and skills to Wireless Temperature Monitoring.

Since 2007 we have provided products and system solutions across a range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, food services, warehousing and logistics to meet their regulatory requirements.

Making Sense of Temperature

The world is becoming more and more complex yet cost control and value for money are more important than ever before. The requirements for compliance with regulation are ever changing and increasing and the need for total transparency in the supply chain is becoming more and more demanding.

This creates an administrative burden for producers and distributors but getting it wrong could expose them to spoiled goods, punitive fines or blacklisting from powerful retail customers.

Isatec Ltd’s aim is to ease this burden, by not only providing first class products, solutions and services, but by providing the highest levels of customer service too.