Now being replaced by IceSpy Notion Pro

With effect from June 2015, the manufacturers have announced that it will be replaced by a new product called Notion Pro and System5 will be phased out of production according to the following timetable:

      • Orders for replacement parts (base units, Echos and other non-transmitter parts) are no longer available as system is obsolete. Please get in touch for information about the new system.
      • Orders for System5 battery replacements will be replaced with Notion Pro legacy transmitters which will be able to communicate with existing System5 base stations.
      • We will no longer be delivering any spare parts.
      • Telephone and remote support for System 5 by the manufacturer will end on 31st March 2017
      • Repairs for System 5 parts will be supported by the manufacturer until 31st March 2017

There are a number of options open to existing owners of IceSpy System 5:

      • Do nothing and continue to use your existing system. Isatec will continue to support System5 where possible, but please be aware that replacement parts will ultimately become unobtainable.
      • Replace your base unit with a Notion Pro hybrid base. This is in effect two bases in one; one half of the base continues to use system 5 software and will receive data from existing Scout/ScoutPlus transmitters. The other half of the receiver communicates with Notion Pro transmitters. This approach enables System 5 users to gradually upgrade their system to Notion Pro standards, over time.
      • Replace your system with a completely new Notion Pro system to take advantage of the latest developments in wireless temperature monitoring technology

Specially discounted prices are available to existing system 5 owners wishing to upgrade to Notion Pro/Notion Pro hybrid products. Please contact us to arrange a demonstration of Notion Pro and to discuss the options available to assist you in migrating to this new system.

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